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300 Bau GmbH is the result of more than 20 years in construction and entrepreneurship, in Greece and Germany. Having constructed numerous residential and commercial projects, we have more than 80 specialized craftsmen ready to work in your projects in Germany. 

We work only B2B as dedicated contractors and subcontractors, we do not serve single retail customers.

300 Bau employs only professional craftsmen and experienced engineers in order to have the ability to deliver on time, every time.

Reliability, performance and honesty are our core values. You can count on us for speed and re​​sults.

Our Brochure

Residential building Renovation

Fire protection systems


Large scale electrical works

Large scale Plumbing

 Solar energy equipment

Apartment renovations per year
Warehouse (m²)

No time wasted

From the beginning of the project to the end, our crews work tirelessly to complete the project on time with high efficiency


We are mainly working on residential renovation projects and to any project that requires the following services:

 Apartment building renovation

 Fire protection

 Electrical works




 Plaster and painting


 Solar equipment​

All over Germany

We have the resources and flexibility to work at any location in Germany in a very short notice, provided the project is large enough.

Safety above all

Protect your home and business. Save lives with efficient fire protection systems.

  Fire protection equipment and services

 Fire doors

  • Installation of fire doors 
  • Renovation, repair & maintenance 

 Security lighting

  • Lighting Installation 
  • Annual maintenance 

 Fire evacuation plans

  • New plans creation 
  • Existing plans review and revision 

  Fire water systems

  • Installation of new systems
  •   Maintenance and repair

Fire detectors/alarms

  • Installation 
  • Service, testing & maintenance

 Fire extinguishers

  • Installation 
  • Service, testing & maintenance

Consistency in performance 

We are committed to micromanaging the flow of materials, tools and information  in order to secure that no time is wasted from the real source of our strength: the working crews.


We pride ourselves of doing the right thing when no one is there to notice. However, every day we go to work, we photograph the current situation before and after we are done.

There is always a digital folder with all the info of every project that is updated every day. Our clients have online access to the progress of every project, as we update everything daily.


We only employee our own people, we do not use subcontractors for the projects we undertake. 

So we have complete control on every aspect of our business, people and processes. This way we can be where we must be and do what has to be done immediately. 

No time consuming meetings, decisions between partners or any other processes that get in the way of doing immediately what needs to be done.


  • We use professional and specialized tools.
  • We own a van for every 4 people we employ.
  • We use GPS tracking so everyone that needs to know, knows where every employee, Van or equipment is currently located in order to solidify control.
  • Our everyday goal is the successful Integration and streamline cooperation between our teams.

Some of our featured projects


       Projects in Schwerin


Projects in Borna


Projects in Görlitz


Projects in Halle


       Projects in Schwerin


Projects in Borna


Projects in Görlitz


Projekte in Halle

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